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Tug Of War

Why are we not on the road yet you may ask? Well, for the last month we have been experiencing some setbacks that, at times, made us rethink if our journey was even going to be taking place. Luckily this is not our first rodeo.

“When we belong to Christ, the enemy never has the final word over our lives.”

“Press on – courageous and free – never held back by fear or defeat.”

We were certainly being tested. Whether it was by good or evil, they knew our areas of weakness. Lets take a second to discuss the things that haven’t necessarily gone our way over the past month.

· Our close to 15 year old puppy Maverick had a failing liver, and with the pain and sickness he was experiencing, we made the tough choice to put him down.

· Our main family Volvo broke, and needed a $1300 fix to continue. We had plans to sell, but this made it much more difficult. After putting close to $7500 in a $6000 car we cut our loses paying $300 to close our loan.

· My commuter car broke down on my last week of work and needed a $600 repair. Two weeks after making the repair, it broke down again on the way to pay for our camper, I made some aggressive driving maneuvers down the park jogging path to get the boy and me to a safe place. It needed $1000 of work. We eventually had it towed.

· The car gifted to us by my wife’s ex employer (who has a heart of gold) blessed us with a solid month before it too broke down last week.

· We are now borrowing a car from our niece to use.

· One page HOA document stating we are in good standing $285. (Fairy Dust)

· New health insurance enrollment fee $150. (More Fairy Dust) Turns out later the plan had several flaws and we cancelled. We are without health care for the moment.

· Unexpected water leak found during house inspection. HOA insisted it was not there issue before we ever explained where the leak was coming from. $ 850.

· Unexpected plumbing after new countertops were installed $300.

· With my mind clouded by a growing to do list, I ran a solid red light. Luckily there was a cop there to help me realize that wasn’t ok to do ha. $180 ticket.

· The house appraisal that was supposed to take two days, took close to a week to hear the estimated value. The appraiser also called our agent to ask where we came up with the listing price. This may sound like nothing, but when our agent said they have never done that before, we spent several days stressing over the possible lowball appraisal we may receive back.

· My wife and I have fundamentally disagreed on what felt like 85% of decisions we needed to make. This leading to some of the worst arguments in our almost six years of marriage, and stalled periods of moving forward on decisions.

· Our children’s attentions needs were not being met, which led to coloring on the hardwood, the wall, the couch, most of their wooden bunk bed, and even a fun game of hide the dirty diaper. I don’t blame them one bit, but boy it’s tough to deal with as you try to focus on tasks.

· Let Go & Offer Up transactions…. This is a whole article in itself. Unknown at the time my wife purchased an iPhone fake off Craigslist. We learned from it. $400.

· We overspent on our trailer budget (this is also in the good category), as well as went bigger than originally planned. This has now led to shopping for a whole new bracket of trucks required to tow said behemoth. Needless to say we got in over our heads quickly and our trying to make sense of something we have zero experience with.

We are now a week past our original departure date, we are shacked up at my sister-in-laws, and we have yet to find a truck we believe can fit the bill for towing needs. Although this is not what we had planned… We have now started to address our children’s needs, our marriage needs, and have our eyes fixed on moving forward. We believe this last month has been tough because we are in fact on the right track, and believe un measurably good things are going to come from this trip if we can grind this out. Let me now go over a few things that made all the items listed above disappear when compared.

· The appraisal came back in our favor. We made 15k over the asking price, and 30k over what I originally budgeted. So every negative dollar amount listed above was stress filled at the time, but was completely taken care of in the end.

· We are crashing at my sister in laws house, which meant we have had an extra week to bond, and celebrate Easter with family. That too has become a blessing in disguise.

· The extra 3k we spent on a trailer helped a family close on a house and their adoption of two children from Columbia. This family attends church at our Arvada campus, and is making big changes in their life as well. Coincidence I met this family through Craigslist…. You decide. I guess I can get behind blowing a budget when the money is going to help that!

· I played ten games of Connect Four with Jackson this morning while enjoying coffee.

* We are completely debt free!

Moral of the story is we are behind schedule, in over our heads, overwhelmed at times, and exactly where we should be. We have hopes to be on the road by next weekend, we’ll keep you posted.


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