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The Open Road

With almost 15,000 total miles under our belt, here are some thoughts from the drive.

Most Scenic Drive (Towing)

* Route 61 N Duluth, MN --> Little Marais, MN

* Route 2 W Browning, MT --> West Glacier, MT

* Route 287 S South Ennis, MT -->Hebgen Lake, MT

* Route 14 E Walden, CO --> Fort Collins, CO

Most Scenic (Non Towing)

· Going To The Sun Road N Glacier National Park Apgar, MT --> St Mary, MT

· Tappan Zee Bridge E crossing the Hudson, NY --> to the Merritt Pkwy Norwalk, CT

Going To The Sun Road @ Glacier National Park MT

Falling Asleep (Towing)

* Route 70 E Colby, KS --> Salina, KS

* Route 200 W Circle, MT --> Jordan, MT

* Route 285 S Vaughn, NM --> Roswell, MN

I'm sure these opinions will be altered given enough time. For now, if you are looking for to experience the best and worst drives, just visit Montana.... they have them both!

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