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Here are a few organizations we are proud to call friends. They've impacted our life in multiple ways over the past decade, and if you are interested , we highly suggest you click the links below to learn more!


Two years ago we exited the fast lane and sold the Colorado suburbs for the adventure. We became RV tourists, remote entrepreneurs, and ultimately a stronger family unit during the experience.

We started off with a goal of one year, and made it just shy of two before I accepted a great position that brought us back to the Denver area. During those two years we checked off thirty-five states, twenty-one National Parks, and countless family and friend drop-ins!

As we turn the corner to year three, we are focused on placing our values and newly adapted lifestyle changes at the top of our busy lives. We still have goals to travel, continue documenting those travels on here, and pursuing our new quest of visiting all 50 states together!


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Be a sheep to our Shepard, not the world. Realign our life to place values before valuables, be cognizant of where we are being led, and smile in the process.


To work on our vertical relationship in a measurable way. Grow closer in marriage, as a family, and in relationships. Live debt free with eyes opened towards future investment opportunities, whether it be time or money. To explore, to adventure, to grow, and to open doors that might not otherwise have been opened. 

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