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We'd also love for you to check a few endeavors that we have been working diligently on. These passions help to keep us on the road. If you are interested in more information click the logo's below to learn more.


Here are a few organizations we are proud to call friends. They've impacted our life in multiple ways over the past ten years, and if you are interested , we highly suggest you click the links below to learn more!


We sold the Colorado suburbs for the adventure! At some point you realize retirement is not guaranteed, trading time for money works until you have other options, and your kiddos are growing up way too fast!

It was time to restructure life to align with our values, instead of the opposite way around. We are now in the business of collecting memories, and pursuing opportunities worth spending our time on.


We set out on an incredible unrealistic time line of two months to put our plan into motion. Quit the career,

sell our home, everything that clutters said home, and try full time RV life for the time being. Follow us on this journey as we explore making adequate time for the things you value.


We are believers, dreamers, and entrepreneurs!


Be a sheep to our Shepard, not the world. Realign our life to place values before valuables, be cognizant of where we are being led, and smile in the process.


To work on our vertical relationship in a measurable way. Grow closer in marriage, as a family, and in relationships. Live debt free with eyes opened towards future investment opportunities, whether it be time or money. To explore, to adventure, to grow, and to open doors that might not otherwise have been opened.